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Bowling Attack (Code Name)

Project Manual and Course Development Note

This document serves as a platform for note-taking and discussions within the course development team. Please ask questions and make comments using the right-click comment function.

Design Brief

Bowling Attack is a VR casual game mixing bowling and tower defence genre. 


The course is designed with the expectation that students possess an introductory understanding of Unity. This includes familiarity with game objects, script components, and scene navigation.

Scenes in the Project

  • The “Assets/Scenes/BowlingMechanicsTest” scene is used to develop the core bowling mechanics. It contains a bowling ball that rolls forward and collides with pins.

  • The “Assets/Scenes/Main” scene is to be used as the first scene in the build. The main scene will assemble all the mechanics developed in different test scenes.

In both scenes, the student can press the play button to view the ball rolling forward and collide with the pins.

To test the gameplay, open the “Assets/Scenes/Main” scene and press the play button. 

Core bowling mechanics explanation

In the “BowlingMechanicsTest” scene. We have the “BowlingBall” script component attached to the “BowlingSimulation” game object. The “PendTestLaunch” coroutine will be executed at the start. It will wait (using the yield statement) for 2 seconds and deliver the ball based on the direction and speed specified by testVelocityDirection and testVelocityMagnitude.

Each pin has a capsule collider attached to it. Based on testing, it can stand on the ground while a mesh collider can’t.

The rigid-body component attached to the pins allows the pin to collide with other rigid bodies (in this case, the bowling ball).


Bowling Mechanics Test Scene

In the Assets/Scenes folder, there is a scene called “BowlingMechanicsTest”. This is the scene we used to develop the bowling launch mechanic.

Video explanation of this scene is at:

The construction of the Main scene

I’ve recorded the process of the development of the Main scene. The video link is:

This video explains:

  • How to download and import art assets.

  • The basic steps to bake lighting for a scene.

  • Layers and their effects on physical interactions.

  • Mesh colliders and capsule colliders.

  • Rigidbody.

Please note that the Bowling Alley environment asset is licensed to my account and it cannot be used by the students to build and publish their games.


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