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The Mindflight7 VR Room


You cannot be what you cannot see.

Introducing the groundbreaking mobile VR Room from Mindflight7, redefining education.

Introducing the revolutionary Mobile VR Room, a state-of-the-art integrated education and careers program brought to you by Mindflight7. Think of it as a cutting-edge computer room, but with an added touch of ingenuity—it's a highly efficient mobile model that operates flawlessly without requiring internet or power connections.


Developed in close collaboration with schools, career specialists, educators, and students, the VR Room is not just another one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it offers a unique 12-month program tailored to your school's individual needs and the aspirations of your students.


Experience a truly customisable and responsive learning environment, designed to explore diverse careers and deliver subject-specific education with unparalleled flexibility. Whether it's career exploration or academic excellence, the VR Room is here to empower your institution and set your students on a path to success.


Invest in the future of education with the VR Room from Mindflight7 and witness the transformative impact it can bring to your school community.

Support you can rely on.

The Mindflight7 Difference gives your school the support to successfully integrate VR into your learning pedagogy.


Full Technology Support

Our experts handle the initial technical setup, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free implementation of the VR Room on your school campus. Our Head of Technology will then be available for all ongoing tech support. As part of our annual subscription package, you also gain continuous access to Mindflight7's evolving VR content.


Headset Storage + Power

We supply a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technology solutions, including battery packs and power leads. Our VR headset storage baggage offers secure and organized storage while our custom-designed battery pouches ensure uninterrupted power for your devices.


Professional Development

Throughout the year, we arrange special professional development training, fostering ongoing growth and collaboration among educators. These seminars provide valuable insights into leveraging VR technology effectively in the classroom.


Teaching & Lesson Planning

To empower your educators, we offer comprehensive teacher training sessions. This training goes beyond mere technical aspects and includes content familiarization, instructional strategies, and the integration of VR technology into existing lesson plans.


Our VR Room Partners

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