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The Mindflight7 VR Room:
Subscription Features

Cutting edge power + storage solutions

The power and storage solutions provided include custom battery carriers and battery packs, enabling uninterrupted gameplay for an impressive duration of 5 to 8 hours. Additionally, the lockable headset storage ensures secure and convenient stowing, offering a reliable solution for safekeeping and easy access.

Mindflight7 virtual reality headset storage solutions for VR Rooms
Mindflight7 virtual reality headset power solutions for VR Rooms
Multibrush sketch completed by a student on a Mindflight7 educational art incursion
a screencapture of Mindflight7's open heart surgery education VR experience

Extensive + constantly expanding app library

Mindflight7 boasts an expansive and continuously expanding app library with over 200 immersive applications, offering educators and students a diverse range of interactive and educational experiences to enrich their learning journey. With an array of carefully curated content, the platform remains committed to providing cutting-edge and versatile resources that cater to evolving educational needs and interests.

Teacher professional development + training

Mindflight7 offers comprehensive teacher professional development and training for VR rooms, featuring in-person PD training sessions designed to enhance educators' proficiency with immersive technologies. With their three full-day in-person training incursions, they provide an immersive and hands-on learning experience, ensuring educators are equipped with the necessary tools to effectively integrate VR into their teaching practices.

teachers engaging in a professional development session with Mindflight7 learning how to intergrate VR into the classroom
teachers engaging in a professional development session with Mindflight7 learning how to intergrate VR into the classroom
educational resource sample made available to VR Rooms by Mindflight7
educational resource sample made available to VR Rooms by Mindflight7

Extensive teacher + student support resources

Mindflight7 provides a wealth of support resources for both teachers and students, including comprehensive app support documents, technology guides, and an easily accessible technology FAQ, ensuring seamless navigation and utilization of their VR platform. Moreover, their teacher handbooks assist in creating well-structured class plans, empowering educators to effectively incorporate immersive VR experiences into their curriculum.

Complete Subscription Inclusions

Rechargeable battery packs

USB to USBC battery leads

Custom battery carriers

Lockable headset storage

200+ app library with constantly updated and increasing content

65+ app guide documents

In Person technology set up & basic training

In person teacher professional development training

Technology FAQ + guides 

Email & phone tech support

Teacher handbooks and sample class plans written by Mindflight7

4x in person full day training incursions

Training workshops for VR content creation

Unlimited access to Metaverse

20% off Mindflight7 incursions

$800 per subscribed headset *
for the first year - subsequent years at a discounted rate

*minimum 5 subscriptions, headset not included in price

Hardware Information

Mindflight7 is able to facilitate the procurement process of hardware by providing the option for schools to purchase headsets directly at market value. For schools with existing infrastructure, we offer a Subscription Only Model - for optimal user experience, we recommend the utilization of Quest 2 or Pico 3, or superior models.

Check out the latest in VR technology from Meta here to select the best model for your requirements.

Meta Quest VR Headset

Cutting-Edge Technology | Wireless Freedom | All-in-One Design

Extensive Content Library | Versatility

In the Box

2 x Touch Controller

Charging Cable

2 x AA Battery

Power Adapter

Glasses Spacer

Meta Quest 2 VR headset

All prices listed are GST exclusive

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VR Room information booklet

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VR Room Brochure

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