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Need some help putting together a class plan that utilises VR? Use one of our handy guides to get started on your VR education journey.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's CPR + first aid education VR experience

CPR & First Aid

Students will explore a detailed first aid and CPR experience that will give them the opportunity to simulate stressful scenarios through the safety of virtual reality. 

a screencapture of Mindflight7's wellbeing thai chi education VR experience


Students are provided with the opportunity to explore strategies for coping with stress and feelings of overwhelm. Students will explore different VR experiences and discuss how certain activities can be used to regulate emotions and build resilience.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's space education VR experience

Solar System & Space

Students will explore the universe and how the solar system works. They will have the opportunity to drive a rover on Mars and learn about different planets, stars, the sun and the moon.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's natural science education VR experience

Jnr EcoVoyage

Students will gain an understanding of the differences in environments, animals, food, living, climate, and natural disasters from contrasting parts of the globe.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's space station education VR experience

Junior Career Taster

This experience is designed to encourage younger students to learn about and explore a range of jobs, and start thinking about who they are and their strengths and weaknesses.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's art + design education VR experience

Change the World

Students will explore a variety of VR experiences where they will be asked to think about existing solutions to real world problems. They will collaborate in groups to discuss, design & create a product/service that will solve a specific problem using digital technology.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's multibrush art education VR experience

Arts Unleashed

Students will explore the differences of realistic and abstract art and create their own 3D art piece using Multibrush in VR.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's nature trek education VR experience


Students gain insights into the interconnectedness of biodiversity. During this immersive experience, they grasp the vulnerability of biodiversity to greenhouse gasses and the role that sustainability plays in it's protection.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's natural science education VR experience


Students delve into the concepts of pollutants and pollution, with a focus on highlighting the significance of substance quality in determining toxicity levels.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's open heart surgery education VR experience

Secondary Career Taster

Students will have the opportunity to try a wide range of career and trade pathways and be encouraged to have a fixed and growth mindset.

a screencapture of Mindflight7's frog dissection education VR experience


Students have the opportunity to experience real life scenarios such as open heart surgery, tours within specific ecosystems, space missions, animal dissection and many more. 

a screencapture of Mindflight7's environmental science education VR experience

Snr Biodiversity & Climate Change

This experience provides a virtual but realistic tour of specific environments. They will travel to specific locations to discover the issues facing precious ecosystems.

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