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XR Technology Enablement

Is your organisation ready to embark on an AI infused XR journey?

MindFlight7’s experiential XR Enablement Workshop is designed to help organisations optimise the usage and benefits of AI-infused XR Technologies. This highly immersive workshop will  produce an XR Enablement Roadmap that is aligned to your organisational goals and identify the most compelling XR Technology use cases that maximises ROI on future investments.

Key Benefits and Outcomes 

  • Customised XR Roadmap aligned to your organisational goals

  • Quick-start, low cost XR/MR/VR implementation 

  • Scale only after concept and ROI is proven

  • Hands-on industry-related XR Experiences and Exploration 

  • Engage your customers and employees using AI-infused XR experiences.

  • All sessions facilitated by certified industry and XR experts 

  • Explore how innovative organisations leverage XR to differentiate and gain a market advantage

Who Should Attend

CXO’s + Leaders of L&D, Marketing, and HR

Workshop Duration

4 – 8 hours

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