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Corporate Team Building Events

Energise and Activate your Team Events with AI-Infused Virtual Reality


Promote Co-location
and Face-to-face Work

Make face-to-face events even more exciting by incorporating our AR/VR/MR Experiences for up to 75 co-located team members simultaneously. 

Improve Employee

Get your team members to explore industry-related AI-Infused AR/VR/MR experiences and increase employee engagement.


How will we make things happen for you?


  • Conduct a 30-min retrospective session with your key representatives.

  • Gather and share feedback on the VR sessions for continuous improvement for all parties.


One to two 30-min pre-workshop planning sessions with your key representatives to:

  • Establish expectations

  • Determine what success looks like

  • Work with you to weave in any key themes of the event in the VR experiences.

  • Share 3-5 industry-related VR use cases - highly interactive experiences

  • Finalise the selected industry-related VR experiences for the sessions

  • Upload and test the selected VR experiences on up to 75 headsets


  • Transport all required headsets to the venue.

  • Set up and test that each VR headset is ready for use for the session at the venue

  • Ensure that the venue space is set up in accordance with MindFlight7 guidelines and safety standards.

  • VR segments of the event with up to 75 participants running in parallel is fully-facilitated by our certified industry and XR experts

  • Provide any technical support or guidance that may be required

  • Ensure that each headset is cleaned and reset for the next session

  • Wrap up all MindFlight7 headsets and equipment

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